GMAT - The General Mission Analysis Tool, Base Code  R2017a
Documentation for the GMAT Engine, contained in libGmatBase
GMAT Base Code Overview

This documentation provides a description of the contents of the core engine code for the General Mission Analysis Tool, GMAT.

GMAT's engine is built into a shared library that provides all of the core functionality of the system, as described in the opening chapters to the GMAT Architectural Specification. This library, libGmatBase, contains the classes,structures, and other elements described in that documentation. Interested readers should review the Architectural Specification to gain an understanding of how the components described in this documentation behave.

The documentation presented here describes the low level structures and data elements of GMAT's classes and functions contained in the engine and the core user configured elements comprising the resources and mission control sequence. By studying this documentation, you can learn how GMAT's classes work and interact to accomplish mission modeling tasks. Programmers that want to extend GMAT's functionality should read this documentation while writing their own classes derived from the GMAT code so that they can ensure that derived elements used in custom code conforms to GMAT's interfaces.

This documentation comprises the application programming interface (API) for the components of the core GMAT system. Every member of all classes in GMAT's base code has an entry in this documentation, along with the documentation extracted from the code. The documentation in the code conforms to the needs of the Doxygen open source documentation system. This conformity is enforced through the GMAT coding standards, as described in the GMAT Style Guide.

The wxWidgets based GMAT graphical user interface (GUI) is documented in a separate set of pages.